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About The Creator

Brittany is a 30-year-old multifaceted individual who boasts a diverse background as an internationally published cover model, nationally recognized fitness competitor, former WWE tryout attendee, champion powerlifter, and professional wrestler. Her journey began as a competitive dancer and cheerleader for 16 years, evolving into training for various performance-based sports starting at 18 years old.


Aside from her athletic pursuits, Brittany is a single mom to a toddler, a beauty and fashion influencer, motorcycle enthusiast, and tattoo collector. Her fitness career kicked off over a decade ago as an in-person personal trainer in Canadian gyms. Upon moving to the USA at 20, she obtained certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association and pursued ongoing education in health, fitness, and nutrition. Recently accredited as a Life Coach through IAP Career College, Brittany has been an online coach for Audacious Athletes Coaching since June 2018, working one-on-one with 1000s of individuals across the globe focusing on physical fitness with a heavy emphasis on mental health.


In 2021, Brittany delved into her spiritual journey, prompted by the challenges of single motherhood and overcoming a 20-year battle with disordered eating, PTSD, abuse, domestic violence and trauma stemming from childhood. Recognizing a gap within the coaching space, she developed a holistic program that intertwines both mental and physical well-being, drawing from her personal experiences. If approached with full commitment, this program promises a transformative journey toward your most fulfilled, healed, and happiest-self.

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