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  • What is The Missing Piece?
    The Missing Piece is everything you need to know and do in order to become the best version of yourself mentally and physically. Having engaged with a number of respected sport and fitness coaches throughout my life, I noticed a substantial absence within the coaching space— the incorporation of spiritual and mental elements in the process of pursuing a fitness related goal. Driven by this insight alongside my personal experience of not becoming my best physical self until I underwent the process of healing my past traumas and prioritizing my mental health, I decided I wanted to bridge the gap, which served as my motivation behind creating The Missing Piece. These programs draw inspiration from the strategies and methodologies that have shaped my personal journey and practices I faithfully adhere to daily. It is a goal setting workbook, habit tracking journal, educational guide and fitness program all in one. It is split up into 3 components. The first including: -Step by step instructions and guidelines on how to set long and short-term goals properly and efficiently in any area of your life whether it be a fitness related goal, professional related goal, spiritual related goal, emotional related goal, mental related goal, or a goal within your community, environment, family or finances. -It provides you the space to breakdown each goal into specific and measurable steps, including targeted dates, possible obstacles, solutions, action steps and also self-assess on what each goal meals to you, how important it is and how you, your loved ones and your community will benefit once the goal has been completed. -It provides daily, weekly and monthly checklists alongside the space to self asses at the end of each week to ensure continuous progression and momentum forward. The second component consists of: In depth education on nutrition including: -Suggested food sources, meal planning, meal examples and recommendations surrounding hydration, sleep quality and alcohol consumption. -A full supplement recommendation list alongside explanations for each. -Macronutrient cheat sheet. The third component includes: -An all-encompassing 10 week Built Like Lauzon fitness program (each volume includes a different 10 week program) that includes 3-5 workouts per week depending on the volume of purchase. Each volume includes: -A completely digitally editable training journal for each workout throughout the program. -Labelled hashtags that are searchable on the @builtlikelauzon Instagram page which provides a full video movement library and voice memo explanation for each corresponding exercise. -Modifications and substitutions if you train from a home gym set-up. -Cardio recommendations alongside explanation of each target HR zone. -Assigned rest periods. -Full vocabulary list -Body measurement and weight tracker charts to monitor progression. -An incredible community of like-minded individuals on the Built Like Lauzon Facebook community page. It is over a decade of accumulated knowledge that would have saved me years of frustration, inconsistency and feelings of hopelessness had I had the accessibility to a resource such as The Missing Piece. With full commitment and purposeful engagement, I am confident that The Missing Piece can guide you towards your most elevated, healed, and healthiest self in all facets.
  • Who is it for?
    Anyone and everyone. -The individual who wants to simply better themselves in all areas of their life. -The individual who struggles with addiction or mental health issues & uses physical activity as an outlet. -The individual who can’t seem to maintain a healthy approach with nutrition and/or exercise because of the struggles they experience with mental health, addiction, disordered eating and/or unhealed trauma. -The individual who works extremely hard in the gym but can’t seem to do the same with their nutrition. -The individual who suffers with extremes, or constant yo-yoing. -The individual who is seeking a more structured fitness regime. -The individual who feels defeated in one or more areas of their life. -Anyone who has working lungs and a heartbeat.
  • Is it pregnancy safe?
    The Built Like Lauzon programs do contain exercises that are not considered pregnancy safe, however, these exercises can be substituted or modified. It is advised to always consult with your doctor prior to starting any sort of new fitness regimen.
  • Are results guaranteed?
    Results are never guaranteed, however, with full commitment and purposeful engagement, I am confident that The Missing Piece can guide you towards becoming your most elevated, healed, and healthiest self in all facets.
  • How long is each program?
    Each volume is 10 weeks in duration.
  • How do I determine which volume is best suited for me?
    Take the Quiz that is available entitled, “Which Built Like Lauzon Program Is Right For You?”, or simply make a decision based off the information provided within the individual Volume descriptions. Link to quiz:
  • How long is each workout?
    Each workout should take you roughly 45-75 minutes.
  • Does it provide a meal plan?
    It does not provide a specific/customized meal plan, however it does provide in-depth education surrounding nutrition including: -Suggested food sources, a daily protein goal based off biometrics, meal planning, meal examples and recommendations surrounding hydration and alcohol consumption. -How to calculate daily calories based off your goals. -A full supplement recommendation list alongside explanations for each. -2 macronutrient cheat sheets and diagrams. Should you desire more in-depth nutrition coaching, I would suggest hiring a coach from the Audacious Athlete coaching team. The link to inquire is below.
  • Can the workouts be done at home?
    Depending on the equipment that you have available at home, yes! I have provided many exercise modifications and substitutions on the Built Like Lauzon Instagram page for at-home accommodation.
  • Is it only for females?
    Absolutely not! The Missing Piece is intended for everyone.
  • How long should it take to receive our physical copy?
    All ordered will be shipped within 1-3 business days of purchase.
  • What is the difference between each volume?
    The mental component and activities remain consistent throughout Volumes 1-3, however you have 3 different training programs to choose from based off your experience level and goals. You may also purchase all 3 programs as a bundle and work your way through starting with Volume 3 and finishing with Volume 1! Volumes 4 & 5 do not include a Built Like Lauzon training program. Volume 4 solely contains the mental components and Volume 5 contains the mental components alongside the education guide on nutrition. These would be ideal for those who already have some sort of training program, fitness regime or for those who are already working with a personal trainer and/or fitness coach.
  • What is the refund policy?
    All sales of The Missing Piece are final.

Frequently Asked Questions

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